Those who spend their wealth in Allah's way resemble the one who sowed grain which grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. – And to a person to whom Allah wants will give even more, God is infinitely good and knows everything. (Qur'an, Suretu-l-Baqarah, 261 verse)


In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate!

Testifying that the Allah is One, and Muhammad a.s. is Allah’s slave and His Messenger and guides of the right path, convinced that from the beginning of time benefits from Waqf does not stop nor its effect stops until the Day of Judgement, I, Alija Izetbegović, the son of Mustafa, put in Waqf part of movable property with which as the intermediary I manage, and at the discretion of the donors, the people of Saudi Arabia  number 4504 from April 01, 1416 h.y., that corresponds to August 28, 1995.

Value of movable property that I put in Waqf is 5.000.000,00 KM (five million convertible marks). The property given in Waqf was a gift of the people of Saudi Arabia, which is directly credited to my name and with which I am entitled to manage in the benefit of the Muslim people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For the purpose of doing good deed, I permanently transferred the property given in Waqf into ownership of the Fund for the activity of education, science, culture, economic, and social security of Bosniaks, called “Bošnjaci”, which currently manages with property given in Waqf in the form of shares in the Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BOR Bank) in Sarajevo. As the Party of Democratic Action is founder of the Fund I, as the legal representative of the founder, in the capacity of President of the Party and in behalf of the Party of Democratic Action waive any founding rights of the Fund “Bošnjaci” in benefit of the Waqf Directorate in Sarajevo. By this act the Waqf Directorate in Sarajevo takes over all assets of the Fund with all the rights and obligations that the Fund so far achieved, with that the income from the property is to be used for purposes of education, science and culture, and particularly for material support of Gazi Husrev-bey’s madrassa and the First Bosniaks Gymnasium in Sarajevo.

In order to implement this Decision, and in accordance with applicable law regulation, it has to be made re-registration of the Fund at the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo by which the Party of Democratic Action will entirely transfer the founding rights over the Fund to the Waqf Directorate.

The Waqf Directorate undertakes the obligation to manage the property given in Waqf scrupulously as required by the rules according to which the property is given in the Waqf, to increases the value of the property given in Waqf, and in this work to seek to don’t make a bad act. In benefit of the Waqf preservation the Waqf Directorate will engage the most proficient persons for which estimates that they can contribute to improve the Waqf property by their profession and knowledge.

If the Fund ceases to operate, all assets of the Fund remains the property of the Waqf Directorate - the founder of the Fund, and it will be used for the purposes referred to in this Vakufnamas, and generally for the improvement of religious and educational life of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The above cited is to be considered as sincere intention and the will of the Waqf person given without coercion and with full knowledge and sanity, as evidenced by his signature on this Vakufnamas.

Sarajevo: Muharem 22, 1422 h.y. April 16, 200l

The Waqf person: Alija Izetbegović Signed.
Nezim Halilović - Muderis Signed.
Witness: Reis-ul-Ulema, Dr. Mustafa ef. Cerić Signed.

The Waqf Directorate Sarajevo, Book of Waqf No.:300/1


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