Letters and other scholarship recipients

Dear Director,

I take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate to you personally and your associates for the excellent work and results that you have achieved in the past 15 years, and the respectful preservation and enhancement of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' lofty mission! You are one of the lighthouses that leads our youth to a better future, filled with inspiration and optimism!

Sincerely, I am sending you Salaam with sincere wishes for continued success in every field.

Amina Rizvanbegović Džuvić, Director of Bosniac Institute - Adil Zulfikarpašić Foundation

Dear Sirs,

On the occasion of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' Day sincerest congratulations to the Fund’s Director, Management and all people who are trying to financially support our education. For me it is of great importance and I try to justify this support with hard work and success at the faculty each year.

I wish you many more years of successful work and commitment to the young people in our country.

You are proof that hard work and dedication always pay, because you recognize it, and we, your scholarship holders are the proof that it can be make progress always better and more in our country. Let the Almighty Allah reward you, in this world and the hereafter, and our founder and Waqf rah. Alija Izetbegović by Paradise! Amen!
Mahsuz Salaam, good people!

Azra Balavac, III year student of the Law Faculty “Džemal Bijedić” in Mostar

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for everything you are doing and have done on behalf of the Fund in the way of support for young Bosniacs.

Let the Almighty reward you for your good deeds and help to happy realize all plans and objectives for many years, Inshallah!

We, the young force, are with you.

Mahsuz salaam and all good!

With respect,

Merjem Mekić, II year student of the Faculty of Islamic Studies of University of Sarajevo

Assalamu Alaikum!
Dear friends of Podrinje, before I say anything else, I want to sincerely thank you on own behalf and on behalf of our dear children. You had a chance to see the children's joy during your visit. I’m citing your director when he addressed the children: "You should know children that there is someone in Sarajevo, who cares about you, you are not left behind and forgotten..."

Believe me, I had a feeling that my imaan increased. For years, nobody addressed us in this way, so we started to lose hope. However, a nice person appeared and denied our thoughts. Regardless of the help offered it meant a lot to us and I had a need to transfer to you my/our impressions.


Nisvet Mujanović,
teacher in RPS in Krizevici, Zvornik municipality

My name is Lina Rayan, I am a medical doctor. During education I have achieved an average rating of 9.03. Two academic years I was a scholar of the Fund "Bosnjaci". That scholarship meant a lot in every aspect, but for me personally it was a moral satisfaction, because there was someone who recognized my work and effort during education. I experienced it not only as a reward for previous work, but also I experienced that scholarship as a motivation to continue my work, to achieve new and better success, both in school and in life. I am grateful to the people who in this way help the education of our people, because it is a moral obligation and duty of every good man.

My responsibility is, when I’m able to, to keep this beautiful, and above all humane tradition - to help the Fund by money and thus give own contribution in the education of young people, whose efforts should be recognized and rewarded.

Lina Rayan
(Finished Medical faculty in Sarajevo)

Assalamu Alaikum!

By this e-mail I want to thank you I was your scholar or scholar of "Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait, during the three academic years. I am very glad that I've received a scholarship from you because you were my precious nafaka sent by dear Allah (swt). When the first time I applied for a scholarship, I never even hoped to get it. I thought it was just another futile attempt and gathering of extensive documentation, but thanks to Allah (swt), I managed to become your scholar.

Your scholarship has helped me a lot in schooling. After I started to receive scholarships, I didn’t ask for money for education from the parents, and even pocket money. I have always had money and I have even managed in several occasions to buy some useful things to my parents, because my father's income was minimal.
I managed to finish the studies in mathematics and now I got a new nafaka, which is paid doctoral studies in Slovenia. I hope it will come a new student instead of me who will be glad by you, and who will know how to use his scholarship in the right way. I wish that dear Allah (swt) plentifully reward you for your effort and work you do.

Your former scholar, Samed Bajric
(Finished Faculty of Science in Tuzla)

I well remember, it was a math class. Since this event has already passed a few days, but I still want to express own feelings on this paper in order to keep that event longer in my memory. Mathematics is not the favorite subject, primarily because of the complexness, but also because of other things, so I was really happy when I saw a group of people entering our class. The first things I noticed were new balls for basketball, volleyball and my favorite game soccer. I assumed that these people have brought the ball as a gift and I was immensely happy. The teacher introduced us the people so well that I still remember the name of the Fund "Bosnjaci". I could hardly wait to address us, to find out whether the all balls that I saw brought as a gift to our school. At a time when they delivered the gifts to our school, my happiness had no bounds, because all those balls were donated to us. Since my favorite subject is physical training, which is not difficult to conclude from everything mentioned above, I could hardly wait to have the class and personally try out at least one soccer ball. On the class of physical training I asked the teacher to let my friends and me to play soccer with the new ball, and he allowed us to. It seems to me that I never had a better class than that one, because we were so lucky in the game, and it was like the ball just went in the direction where I wanted to go after a kick. I believe that the main point was the new ball, because the old and deformed one was impossible to kick.

In the end, there is nothing else to me but to thank those people from the Fund "Bosnjaci” from Sarajevo, because my one big thank to you is really small and so little for their big heart.

Rijad Hasanović,
student RPS in Potocari


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