The learning process lasts for a person's life. However, there are times during his life, which are crucial in the process of acquiring of knowledge and of which, in most cases, our future occupation depends on. One of those periods in which we are most dedicated to science is the study period. It is a long-lasting process which requires a lot of intellectual effort, but in addition, also substantial financial resources, which are in today's socio-economic circumstances hard to reach for a large number of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those who have the privilege to study are faced with problems of providing of accommodation and adaptation to the new environment and to all other costs should be added those for securing of the necessary books during the study. Therefore, any assistance in any respect for the students is valuable because it allows him to focus all his attention to the primary task and it is learning.

Signing of a Contract on scholarship at the amphitheater of Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasa, Sarajevo, in 2005.
Completely understanding a situation in which generally Bosniaks are, and especially the young population, the Fund "Bosnjaci" set as the primary task providing of scholarships for successful and talented students and pupils. New personnel from all areas are the new energy, inserted into the system, which will accelerate development of our society, because only young people have the necessary courage to face new challenges and much needed innovativeness that lies in the base of every progress. If we know that in a four-year period of the aggression and genocide (1991-1995) we lost permanently many young and educated personnel who were support of development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and also survival of Bosniaks in it, education funding of new generations should be first on the list of the state priority. But as always, during their long history Bosniaks can not count on any serious support from national structures and they were sentenced to manage alone, and provide funds for education. In the moments like this emerges importance of funds, foundations and Waqfs, which support education of pupils and students. Sometimes these organizations are the only address where students and teachers can turn to for help and support in the process of studying.

Signing of a Contract on scholarship at the premises of the Municipality Stari Grad, Sarajevo, in 2008.
We are proud that the Fund "Bosnjaci" represents one of those addresses where a large number of young people found a solution for their financial problems and thus successfully completed their education. Over 1.000 scholarships awarded to young people is not just a number. It is 1.000 smiling and happy faces, it is 1.000 satisfied parents, it is 1.000 solved problems and it is 1.000 successful and active young Bosniaks.

From year to year, the Fund has increased the number of scholarships and other forms of assistance in education. By its transparency and concrete work based on the Waqifs’ will and regulations of the Fund it is acquired outstanding reputation which has resulted in an exceptionally large response of students to competitions. Just in 2012/13 school/academic year over 470 students and pupils applied to the published advertisement for the scholarships so the Commission for scholarships had a difficult task. In order to avoid any obscurity and possible doubts in the manner and criteria of scoring system, in addition to competition there has been published publicly scoring system and score of applicants, so that each applicant could confirm the number of points and control the objectivity of the Commission.

In 2012/13 school/academic year the Fund "Bosnjaci" awarded 170 scholarships, of which 120 are from the Fund and 50 from the funds provided by "Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait. Scholarships provided by the Fund “Bosnjaci” are awarded to pupils and students from the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of the headquarters of schools and universities. Scholarships are paid regularly in the amount of 120.00 KM for pupils and 150.00 KM for students for a period of 10 months. Scholarships for which funding is provided by “Bejtuzzekat” from Kuwait are awarded using the extraterritorial principle by universities and they are paid for a period of 12 months in amount of 30 KWD, or 150.00 to 160.00 KM per month, depending on the value of the Kuwaiti dinar exchange rate.

Signing of a Contract on scholarship in the amphitheater of Stari Grad, Sarajevo, in 2009.
The Fund scholars are the most successful faculty students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is an assessment of teachers and university administrations and faculties where studying. Besides the excellent results achieved in education, they are the best examples of nice and polite behavior. Three "golden" students at the University of Sarajevo in 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12 academic years are the scholars of the "Bosnjaci" fund, and namely they are: Irfan Glogić, Alem Memić, Amra Džaferović, Salem Malikić, Admir Greljo, Hana Fatkić, Adnan Zahirović, Almir Djedović and Mediha Zukić. Besides them, the Fund’s scholars are generation-awarded pupils, students with average grade of 10 during the previous schooling, then Qur'an hafizes, as well as those who won the outstanding results at the cantonal, national, international and world competitions in mathematics, physics, computer science, technical sciences etc.

Signing of a Contract on scholarship at the amphitheater Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasa, Sarajevo, in 2010.
Societies whose economies are based only on the exploitation of natural resources are destined to fail, since the stocks of these resources are limited and at the end exploitation ceases. Therefore the main task of any society is to ensure the survival and prosperity, which can be achieved only through long-term, continuous and quality investment in education. A perfect example of such resource managing is Japan which is regardless to the wealth of natural resources among the poorest countries, but thanks to investment in quality education it has developed one of the most successful and stable economies in the world.

The recipe of Japan’s success is simple - a quality education. A society which has a large number of thinking people will easily replace any deficiencies in any field. Our desire is that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a prosperous country and therefore we persist on helping in educating of the young people as the only proper way to achieve this desire.


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