Fund Perspectives

Removing of an obstacle from the path that may disrupt the passage is the act of pleasing to God and provides a permanent award. Being able to remove the obstacles that stood on the life paths of young people in particular is a great pleasure and privilege, and operating it without any hidden interest is undoubtedly a blessing, which is not offered to everybody. Such a blessing is given to the Fund "Bosnjaci", which, thanks to the wisdom and generosity of its waqif, solves the problems of young people by financing their education and thus helping them to cross the most important obstacle in the way of realization of their dreams.

Although it is the representative of modern waqf, which are structured as funds with the Management and Supervisory Board and Director in the Fund "Bosniaks" remained an obligation, which connects it with all the waqfs from the beginning till today, and it is executing of the waqif’s will, as strict liability. Bosniacs always cared for a special sense of responsibility for the waqf property, which is looked after and improved more than own, and its funds were directed towards those whom it was intended from the beginning. There are still living stories among people about respecting and preserving of waqf property. People talk that while some people were crossing the waqf land they removed their shoes and crossed over it by bare feet in respect for the goodness, but also from fear that piece of soil can stuck in shoes and so brought out of waqf, which is considered as a great sin. The new times arrived and new ways of organizing of the waqf, but this tradition of preserving of waqf property should not be changed because the function of the new waqf has remained the same as those before – service of property for the benefit of the community, which will provide a nice memorial of a waqif in this world and Akhirah.

Another specificity of the Fund "Bosnjaci" is also the possibility of permanent work improvement, as well as increasing of its assets from which are fund educational projects. So, the list of waqifs is unlimited, and each has the opportunity to join this caravan of good on the way to the final goal, achieving of God closeness and His pleasure. Forms of assistance to waqf are coordinated with its basic activities of financial assistance to pupils and students, helping children of returnees, participation in the financing of scientific research projects, etc. The Fund "Bosnjaci" prefers financial donations because of the fact that our activities are mainly related to scholarships and other forms of financial and material assistance to students. We have established such cooperation with the Fund "Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait, which in the past six years for students’ scholarships allocated approximately 600,000.00 KM.

In accordance with financial and personnel capabilities the Fund "Bosnjaci" is planning to implement a certain number of projects in the area of its activity. Program objectives for the following period the Fund has formulated by long-term plans, which are reflected in the following:

  • increasing the number of scholarships;
  • financing of postgraduate studies;
  • assistance in education of unavailable personnel on postgraduate studies;
  • sponsoring of projects in the field of education, science, culture, sports, etc.;
  • support to other programs in the field of education, support to cultural and sporting events, financing and contracting of social programs, as well as support to other programs that contribute to the spiritual and material development of the Bosniaks;
  • to increase relief to students returnees;
  • surveying of the possibilities of making feasibility studies of investment funds in the implementation of specific projects in order to increase the capital owned by the Fund "Bosnjaci", which would be used to implement the goals and tasks of the Fund "Bosnjaci";
  • Preparation and organization of activities within the scope of the Fund in accordance with the Statute, waqfnama and other normative-legal documents.

Preservation and promotion of waqf property is the sole responsibility of the management structures of the Fund "Bosnjaci". However, in realization of its goals and tasks can be included all people who want and can help. The amount of assistance is not important, but it is an important side that we classify to by that gesture. As a drop of water cannot extinguish the fire, nor the Fund by its activities will not solve all problems of pupils’ and students’ population, but it will at least restore lost confidence in people.


Tuesday, 2018-12-18


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