Tuesday, 2018-12-18

SIGNED SCHOLARSHIP CONTRACTS On Sunday, December 16, 2018, in the presence of numerous guests, scholars and their parents, the media and friends of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', the ceremony of signing scholarships contract for school/academic year 2018/19 took place.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the audience was addressed by Fund’s Director Šahin Kerla which stressed that the Fund, so far, provided scholarships to more than 2,500 pupils, including over 120 students with an average score of 10.00, followed by 250 students winners of award, ''Golden Badge'', ''Golden Plaque'', ''Charter of the Rector'' ''Charter of the Dean” etc., 160 freshmen students of generation and 16 huffaz of the Holy Quran. The Fund’s Director stated that the cash waqf, which was founded by the first President of the independent R BiH, deceased Alija Izetbegović, is intended for gifted pupils and students and this is not a scholarship as a gift, but rather as a reward for the pupil and student’s effort invested in obtaining the highest academic titles. In continuation of the address, the Fund’s Director emphasized that Fund "Bošnjaci", besides the scholarships to specially gifted pupils and students, also realizes other projects in the field of education and science such as: assistance to returnee pupils in a smaller BiH entity, organization of scholarship education and gathering of scholarship holders, organization of educational seminars for Fund’s scholarships, student conferences on the topic of Alija Izetbegović, literary competitions, scholarship holders visit to some of the most important cultural and historical sites in our country etc. The Fund invested more than 4.5 million BAM in the realization of these and other projects up to now.

In the current school/academic year 135 scholarships were awarded to specially gifted pupils and students, including 16 students with an average grade of 10.00 at the most prestigious Universities in BiH. Their average grade of 9.42 for students and 4.86 for pupils describes the best about what kind of scholarship holders are them.

In the continuation of the ceremony, participants were addressed by Seid Eminović, Head of Secondary Education in the Directorate for Education and Science of the Islamic Community in BiH, which called the scholarship recipients to be also donors of the Fund in the future, as those who will continue the tradition of the Fund’s founder deceased Alija Izetbegović, as well as the preceding donors of the Fund.

Abdulah Jašarević, a first-year master's degree student from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Sarajevo at the Department of Physics, spoke in the name of this year's scholarships. Abdulah was named for the best student of the first cycle of study at the University of Sarajevo and was awarded the "Golden Badge" award. During the first cycle of studies, his average grade point was 10.00. Among other things, he expressed gratitude to Fund "Bošnjaci", its financiers and donors, pointing out that the great thing is to provide financial means for scholarships for this number of pupils and students year in year out and that perhaps more important information for the Fund’s scholarship holders is that there are people in our society who understand and appreciate our achievements and efforts. He emphasized that investing in knowledge is an investment in the future of our nation and our country. Beside the pride we feel about being the scholarship holder of the Fund, we also feel responsible. Our commitment is to use this potential and not to let deceive us the people that knowingly or unconsciously work against the interests of our society and country.



Saturday, 2019-10-19


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