Saturday, 2015-12-19

SIGNED SCHOLARSHIP CONTRACTS On Saturday, December 19, 2015, in the premises of the Gazi Husrev-bey's Library in Sarajevo, with a video presentation and appropriate address of Director Šahin Kerla, President of Managing Board of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' Muharem Hasanbegović, and delegate of Reis-ul-Ulema of the IC in B&H Professor Ph.D. Zuhdija Hasanović, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies of University of Sarajevo, in the presence of scholarship holders, their parents and friends of the Fund, were signed scholarship contracts for 140 pupils and students in school / academic year 2015/16.

Director of the Fund Šahin Kerla in his address stressed that Fund ''Bošnjaci'' beside scholarships to gifted pupils and students promoted, funded and sponsored a variety of projects which stimulate and encourage the development of education, science and culture such as: support of scholarship holders during the presentation of scientific papers on international conferences, organization of educational seminars for the Fund’s scholarship holders, organization of literary and art contests for students from B&H and the Diaspora, encouragement and support to competitions for primary and secondary schools, help to students returnees in smaller B&H entity, organization od visits of scholarship holders to a number of the most significant cultural and historical attractions in B&H etc..

One of the most important activity of the Fund is providing of scholarships to the exceptionally talented pupils and students from public higher education institutions in B&H. So far, over 1,700 pupils and students received scholarships including 72 students with an average score of 10.00, followed by 125 students winners of award, ''Golden Badge'', ''Golden Plaque'', ''Charter of the Rector'' ''Charter of the Dean” etc., 122 freshmen students of generation and 14 huffaz of the Holy Quran.

This year, the Fund announced a competition for award of 142 scholarships, out of which for 92 funding is provided by Fund ''Bošnjaci'' and for 50 funding is provided by Bejtuzzakat from Kuwait. To the announced contest signed up 496 candidates.
The Fund’s Authorized Commission for establishment of the proposal of candidates for scholarships, in accordance with the competition, the documentation, criteria and scoring system, conducted processing of documentation and prepared the preliminary ranking list of applicants and as such it is published on the Fund’s website with the possibility of appeal to the Managing Board.
On the published preliminary ranking list of candidates for scholarships the Fund’s Managing Board received only three complaints which, after insight into the documentation, were rejected as unfounded.

After completion of the appeal process the final results have been published, so that the Fund from its own funds allocated 70 scholarships to students and 20 scholarships to pupils of high school while from the funds, that are for the ninth year provided from Bejtuzzakat from Kuwait, are allocated 9 scholarships to students at public higher education institutions of University of Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar and Bihać and 5 scholarships to students of the University of Banja Luka.

This year 23 scholarship holders are with an average score of 10.00 and 14 freshmen are students of generation. Which kind of scholarship holders they are it is best illustrated by their average score achieved in the past academic year and for students for which funding is provided by Fund ''Bošnjaci'' that is 9.51 while the average score at the scholarship holders for which funding is provided by Bejtuzzakat from Kuwait is 8.97 .

The Fund Director said that Fund ''Bošnjaci'' is servicing for the fourth year 60 scholarships for students that are accommodated in dormitories Bjelave and Nedžarići in Sarajevo, which are proposed and for which funding is provided by the Waqf Directorate from donors from Kuwait as well as 22 scholarships from the waqf of r. Nurko Hadžić, so in total for this year are secured scholarships for 212 students and 20 pupils of high school.

At the end of his speech Director of the Fund has extended his congratulations to the winners of scholarships with the hope that scholars will achieve through their commitment even better results, study the works of the founder the Fund, improve cultural, spiritual and traditional values of Bosniaks and by knowledge and science guard and preserve our country, and that after completion of education and commencing of employment they will work on promotion and advancement of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', and financially assist enabling Fund’s long-term existence and continuation of scholarships for generations to come.

After signing of the Contracts those present, on behalf of the winners of scholarships, were addressed by Jasmina Zubača, second year student of Master studies in Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo with an average grade of 10.00. Among other things, Jasmina said that education is the foundation of every prosperous state, which requires a lot of work, sacrifice as well as financial resources that unfortunately for many students are not available. We live in an age where everything is about the money that so many people forget those real and true values of life. Bribery and greed are present in all spheres of our society so that few people recognize and appreciate talent and knowledge. However, you have recognized these talented students which studies do not take lightly.  You recognized students who care about the knowledge and justice. With your support you help us to become tomorrow's engineers, doctors, professors, lawyers, and economists, those who take care about our society, build it and contribute to a nicer and safer life in our country. I am very happy that there is a fund like yours that helps and supports education, science and culture. Bearing in mind that educated people are one of the greatest values of each country and each society, you have encouraged in us a sense of pride and moral satisfaction because you have recognized our work, effort and commitment. By helping us you actually stimulate young, talented and educated people to stay in our country. Life goes on and every day everything changes, but always remains a story of human kindness and generosity, your own and ours. Our goal is to do well and be useful to our society.



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