Saturday, 2014-12-20

SIGNED SCHOLARSHIP CONTRACTS With a video presentation and appropriate addressing of Šahin Kerla, Director and Muharem Hasanbegović, President of Managing Board of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', in the premises of Gazi Husrev–bay library’s big hall on Saturday, December 20, 2014, in the presence of a scholars, relatives and friends of the Fund, were signed Contracts on scholarships to gifted students and pupils in school/academic 2014/15 year.

The contract was signed by 20 pupils and 106 students of which 23 students with an average score of 10 including 4 students of the second and 19 students of the first cycle of studies, one hafiz of the Holy Quran and 9 freshmen students that were “student of generation”. 

The Fund scholar Lejla Zilić was proclaimed for the best student of the first cycle of studies at the University of Zenica’s Law Faculty and the winner of recognition “Charter of the Rector”. For the results achieved during the previous studies she was awarded with the money prize and recognition of Fund ''Bošnjaci''.

To a certain number of donors, legal entities and individuals were awarded letters of thanks for preservation, promotion and enhancement of work of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' in the previous period.

In the name of scholarship winners, the audience was addressed by Anis Terzić, student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla, otherwise the first scholarship of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' from the Faculty of Medicine with average grade of 10, saying:

 Allow me to express my gratitude for opportunity to address today’s forum and pay tribute to Fund ''Bošnjaci'' for organizing this wonderful ceremony. 

So far I have had the opportunity to speak publicly about my call, medicine, and its achievements, but today is my great honor to say a few words to this intellectual cream of our society on my behalf and of all these outstanding students. Latin concepts and technical terms today I will replace by simple but sincere words of gratitude felt by all of us.

Distinguished Mr. Kerla, as you are at the forefront of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', my gratitude to you and the Fund consists of two parts. It is natural that I first thank you for the financial support that you have provided for us. We are aware of difficulty of financial reality of the country we live in and on behalf of all 66 students and 20 high school students for which you have provided these scholarships today, we sincerely thank you.

The second part of gratitude has no motif of the monetary nature, but still is more deeply personal and more connected than always welcome financial support. I would like to thank you for a sense of pride, self-realization and achievements that we 66 young academic citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina feel today, because our work, effort and commitment are recognized by Fund ''Bošnjaci''. The fact that we were selected on the basis of objective and measurable criteria, at the time when it seems that our destiny is tailored by subjective and arbitrary yardsticks of individuals arouses our hope. The fact that we have been awarded on the basis of our academic excellence and achievements, at the time of obscure values, gives us the motivation to go on. 

We are very pleased with special care of the Fund, for twenty-three of us, who in the past academic year achieved an average of 10.00 and whose effort and hard work is recognized by Fund ''Bošnjaci'' with the desire to stimulate and reward aspiration for better success in coming years until the completion of doctoral studies. For all this, thank you very much.

Dear colleagues, from the heart I congratulate you on the successes and impressive grade point average achieved during the study. We belong to a generation that for several years will inherit the country full of beauty, celebrated by song of sevdah, while drowning in the wounds of the past and divisions of the present, which in the region officially has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners, and unofficially the highest percentage of illiterate population. 

Platon once said that: success is not an act, but a habit. Our habits are learning and dedicated work. We youthfully idealistic decided to cure our country by knowledge, sublimity of science and nobility of art.

We know that it is much more difficult today to provide the conditions for learning and advancement, academic development, but also the breeding ground for tomorrow's employment and livelihoods. Thanks to Fund ''Bošnjaci'', perseverance and transparency of its work in promoting science, culture, knowledge and encourage on good, we students have a better today and strengthened belief in a better tomorrow. This type of selfless support from Fund ''Bošnjaci'', indicates to us that we, as the best representatives of our people, need to put our abilities to service of our one and only Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens. To Bosnia and Herzegovina where we want to stay, live, work and create a better tomorrow for all of us. Therefore, we scholarship holders need to work on affirmation and improving of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' in order to allow its permanent survive and scholarships to generations to come, said Terzić. 



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