Monday, 2017-08-07

SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS HELD GATHERING DURING SEVERAL DAYS IN MOSTAR More than eighty scholarship holders from Fund "Bošnjaci'' and Riyaset IC from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from different faculties and schools from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, had the opportunity to socialize and participate in education and socializing organized at the Student Hotel in Mostar from 04 to 06 August 2017.

At the opening of the meeting, the scholarships were addressed by Šahin Kerla, Director of Fund "Bošnjaci'', Seid ef. Eminović, on behalf of the Education Directorate of Riyaset of IC in BiH and Salem ef. Dedović, Mostar’s Mufti as the envoy of Reisu-l-ulema of IC in BiH.

The main goal of organizing this gathering was to get acquainted with, exchanging of ideas and experiences of scholarships, additional education in areas not adequately represented in formal education, introducing scholarships with the mission of Fund "Bošnjaci'', developing the feelings of the scholarships' commitment to the Fund and its fundamental principles, developing solidarity, friendship and cooperation among scholars as well as introducing scholarships to one of the most significant buildings and architectural ensembles of the luxurious cultural and historical heritage in Herzegovina.

In the richly designed content, through educational lectures, scholarships were introduced to the problems of the contemporary world with a special focus on the Middle East, the current socio-political situation in BiH with particular reference to the city of Mostar, the attitude towards cultural heritage, the role and importance of the non-governmental sector in BiH, the cultural and historical heritage of Herzegovina, as well as the participation of citizens in the defense of Herzegovina during the armed aggression against the RBiH.

The keynote speakers were the distinguished personalities of our country: Muhamed Jusić, Reisu-l-ulema Media Advisor, Damir Sadović, lawyer and legal expert, writer PhD Ibrahim Kajan, Ramiz Jelovac and Selim Isić, commander of ARBiH brigade and hafiz Nedim Botić.

In addition to lectures, scholars have visited some of the most important cultural and historical sights in Počitelj, Stolac and Blagaj, whose history was spoken by Prof. PhD. Fahrudin Rizvanbegović, Džemal Gadar, Orhan Tikveša and Edin Džiho. There was a visit to the Mostar Shahid's cemetery, where El-Fatiha was studied to Brigadier General a.r. Midhat Hujduru Hujke and Arif Pašalić, as well as their comrades and citizens of Mostar who gave their life for the defense of our homeland.

In a relaxed atmosphere, in the revue part of program performed singers Selma Droce and Lejla Čaušević, students of the second year of the Masters of Music Academy in Sarajevo.

And finally, from the EDS participants, who have come from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, among which are the future: doctors, professors, engineers, teachers ... ,we have great expectations and hope that they will know the best how to recompense to Fund "Bošnjaci'' and their homeland by staying here after the end of schooling, under the sun and sky where their grandparents and fathers were staying, and to give their contribution through Fund "Bošnjaci'' to the realization of such and similar projects that encourage youth education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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