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PHYSICIAN ADMIR GRELJO, A FORMER FUND ''BOŠNJACI'' SCHOLARSHIP HOLDER, WILL TAKE 24 BH YOUNG SCIENTISTS TO EDIFICATION Admir Greljo, a former Fund ''Bošnjaci'' scholarship holder, born in Trebinje, who has been resident in Switzerland for a number of years and has been hired as a researcher at the prestigious CERN, the world's largest physics laboratory, is chairman of the Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (ANNT) which is organizing this year's "STEM Youth Camp" in Konjic.

To this person from Gacko born in Trebinje hospital 30 years ago, as he often represents himself, the harsh war events marked his early childhood. Namely, Admir Greljo and his family were expelled to Mostar in the 1990s, where he graduated from elementary school. Precisely, his life story begins from the heart of Herzegovina...

"It is important to say that I received almost all of my basic education in BiH. Physics at the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo was a natural choice. I was and still am in love with that science. I felt that I am „good“ in physics, but I could not even dream that one day I will work side by side with the best physicists of our time and at the world's largest laboratory. However, I do not think that great ambitions at an early age are necessarily positive, it is important that you do what you love the best you can. The result will come,"Admir Greljo tells us.

He says he was later given the opportunity to further his knowledge of theoretical particle physics in three European cities, Ljubljana, where he completed his doctorate and postdoctoral fellowship in Zurich and Mainz. He points out that all of this took a full seven years of serious work and dedication, which ultimately resulted in a two-year position at CERN's Department of Theoretical Physics. "The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is the World's largest elementary particle physics laboratory. It is home to the Great Hadron Collider (LHC), where the conditions that prevailed in the early universe are temporarily created in high energy proton collisions. By studying these collisions, we try to find answers to some of the biggest open questions in physics. In addition to academic knowledge, CERN contributes to the development of new technologies. For example, the first website was created 30 years ago at CERN to distribute data recorded in particle collisions," he explains to us what is in the focus of the largest laboratory in the world when it comes to physics.

Greljo says thet the work of scientists at CERN is interesting and dynamic. Every day is different, ie. it consists of discussions with colleagues, work on numerical and analytical calculations, writing papers, attending conferences and the like. He points out that CERN is visited by scientists from more than a hundred different countries around the world, with the aim of sharing scientific results and furthering their knowledge, which adds to its importance.

"CERN is a public institution funded by Member State taxpayers. Therefore, CERN is fully transparent and takes care of properly informing the public about its activities. For example, from September 14 to 15 this year, CERN is organizing Open Door Days to host over 80,000 visitors from all over the world. I wish to inform all Bosnians who will attend this spectacular gathering, that they can find me under the 'Ask Theoretical Physicist' program. I will be there, "adds this young BiH physicist.

When asked if young scientists from BiH, especially physicists, have a perspective in their homeland, he replies that they have fewer and fewer opportunities for advancement and improvement compared to their peers from Western Europe, and that is why they go abroad.

"Without much controversy, concrete action must be taken to overcome this burning problem. In pursuit of the need to create opportunities in the field of natural mathematical and technical sciences, the Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (ANNT) has been formed, through which I work alongside through which I work alongside dozens of excellent young researchers who have originated in BiH. The ANNT's vision is BiH as a respectable and accessible state for work in science and technology, and the mission is to connect scientists to improve conditions and infrastructure. Our Association these days in Konjic organized 'STEM Youth Camp', a five-day camp for 50 high school students from across the country. Students will have the opportunity to listen to lectures of our members, such as Adnan Mehonić, Assistant Professor at University College London, then Hamza Merzić, an employee of the Google Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and many more. The Association will early next year in cooperation with CERN organize the first BH CERN's program for teachers, where 24 young professor of physics have the opportunity to visit a laboratory and learn about the science used to research here. We hereby invite all interested parties to monitor the web page of our Association," he says.

At the end, he tells us that he is engaged in the theoretical physics of subatomic particles that investigates the finest building blocks of matter at this point. So, he examines what the basic particles are, what their properties are, and how they interact.

"'Theoretical Division at CERN has the task of understanding the implications of experimental measurement in the context of physical theory and proposing new measurements for verification of the same. In particular, projects on which currently I work aim to understand the behavior of the Higgs boson at high energies, and to understand the origin of the three generations of elementary particles that make up matter,” concludes Admir Greljo. (Source:


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