Fund ''bošnjaci'' provided the most basic teaching resources to the needs of pupils returnees to municipalities of Teslić and Doboj

Thursday, 2017-11-23

Fund ''bošnjaci'' provided the most basic teaching resources to the needs of pupils returnees to municipalities of Teslić and Doboj In addition to scholarships for pupils and students, one of the most important projects is to help to pupils returnees in the smaller B&H entity. With this activity, we started with the distant year of 2008 when we were on the ground informed about extremely difficult working conditions in schools attended by children of returnees. Many of these schools worked with little teaching materials and equipment, and some lacked the basic equipment such as crayon, thick paper, wall maps, geometric devices, etc.

Over the past nine years this project covered over 2,000 returnee pupils in Podrinje through equipping schools with the most basic teaching tools and equipment, then by providing teaching aids and equipment for the needs of pupils, organizing instructional classes in mathematics, physics, English and Bosnian and others.

In the last two years, this activity has been directed to the returnee pupils in western Bosnia. In the past school year, we visited four Primary Elementary Schools in municipality of Prijedor, which attended 152 returnee pupils and donated the most basic teaching means and equipment. On Thursday, 23, November 2017, we visited the Primary Elementary School in Kamenica, municipality of Teslić, attended by 158 pupils and elementary school in the village of Makljenovac, municipality of Doboj, which is attended by 59 returnee pupils.

For the needs of these schools and pupils, we have provided the most necessary teaching tools and equipment such as Bosnian language textbooks, geometric devices, chalk, sponges, tonpapier and photo-copy paper, football, basketball and volley balls, and more.

We are aware that we have not been able to solve the problems that the returnee population encounters in our country, but we hope that at least we have somewhat enlightened a grim everyday life that follows them from the very return to pre-war homes, and that we have convinced them that there are many who think about them while sitting in their warm homes in the capital of our homeland.

We hope that all those to whom Fund "Bošnjaci" provides assistance and support in education will achieve even better results with their dedicated work, improve the culture, spiritual and traditional values of Bosniaks, with respect of others and otherwise. That they will continue to work on improving and preserving our country with their knowledge and persistent work, and they will continue to work in our country after finishing the education, work on the affirmation and improvement of Fund "Bošnjaci" and to help it financially, thus enabling its permanent survival, and by doing so provide ongoing assistance and education support to the generations to come.



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