Monday, 2019-08-05

EDS 2019 - SARAJEVO This year, Fund ''Bošnjaci'' had organized the fourth multi-day gathering of scholarship recipients with the aim of getting to know each other, sharing ideas and experiences, followed by additional education in areas that are not sufficiently represented in formal education, introducing scholarship holders to the mission of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' and its fundamental principles, developing of solidarity, friendship and cooperation among the scholarship recipients, as well as introducing scholarship holders to the cultural and historical landmarks of our capital and country.

This year, in cooperation with the Office of Social Welfare of Riyasat of IC in BiH, the Fund organized the gathering of scholarship holders of the Fund and Riyasat of IC in BiH in the period from August 2nd to 4th, at the Student Center of IC in BiH in Sarajevo through a project entitled: Education and gathering of scholarship holders of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' and Riyasat of IC in BiH (EDS 2019 - SARAJEVO). More than sixty scholarship recipients from almost all public Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a number of high schools attended the multi-day event.

In richly designed content, through the educational lectures, the fellows had the opportunity to get acquainted with several important topics such as: "Bosnian language and Bosniak cultural identity", which was discussed by the distinguished Alen Kalajdžija PhD., of the University of Sarajevo Language Institute Director, followed by "How to Set Up and Run a Private Business", which was discussed by Adnan Smailbegović, owner of Wood Team d.o.o. Ilijaš and President of the Federation of BiH Association of Employers.

Through extremely inspiring presentations of the Fund’s scholarship recipients Alma Kubura - Glamočić, Merjem Mekić and Armina Džunuzović, EDS’s participants were introduced to the life and work of r. Alija Izetbegović, the first President of the RBiH Presidency, founder and waqif of Fund ''Bošnjaci''. In a relaxed atmosphere, in the revue part of program, the scholarship students met with academician Abdullah Sidran and Selma Droce, a Master of Music Academy and a scholarship holder of Fund ''Bošnjaci''.

During the several days of gathering, the scholars visited some of the most important cultural and historical landmarks of our capital and homeland, such as: Museum “Alija Izetbegović”, Shahid Cemetery "Kovači", Museum of the Liberation War Heroes, Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Library, Bosniak Institute - Adil Zulfikarpašić Foundation, City Hall, Sarajevo Cable Car, Trebević, Salvation Tunnel and Bosnia River Springs of where highly educated educators greeted us and introduced our scholars to these very important cultural and historical landmarks of our capital and homeland.



Saturday, 2019-10-19


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Thursday, 2019-10-10


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