Celebrated 20th anniversary of the fund and signed scholarship contracts

Sunday, 2017-12-24

Celebrated 20th anniversary of the fund and signed scholarship contracts On Sunday, December 24, 2017, in the presence of a large number of officials, scholars and their parents, guests, media and friends of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', a ceremony was held marking the 20th anniversary of founding the Fund and signing a scholarship contract.

- So far, from the funds of the Fund, founded in 1997 by Alija Izetbegović, the First President of the independent Bosnia and Herzegovina, over 2,300 especially gifted pupils and students received scholarships in Bosnia and Herzegovina including more than 100 students with an average score of 10.00 at the most prestigious public higher education institutions in B&H, followed by 200 students winners of the award, ''Golden Badge'', ''Golden Plaque'', ''Charter of the Rector'' ''Charter of the Dean” etc., 150 freshmen students of generation and 16 huffaz of the Holy Quran.

This year, we are awarding 196 scholarships to pupils and students, among them are 14 students with an average grade of 10.00 and ten students of the generation. Which kind of scholarship holders they are it is the best illustrated by their grade point average achieved in the past academic year and for students that is 9.30 and 4.95 for pupils, said Šahin Kerla, Director of the Fund.

At the end of his address, the Director of the Fund sent congratulations on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of foundation of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', thanks to all those who in any way contributed to the affirmation, preservation and improvement of the Fund's work, especially by addressing scholarship winners with the words:

- We expect you to continue to persistently work on your development and gaining the greatest academic titles, to build, protect and defend your country, after finishing your education, and to work on affirmation and improvement of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', to financially help the Fund and in this way ensure his continued survival and enable the continuation of assistance in the education of generations to come.

Among this year's 14 students with an average grade of 10.00 is Azra Ibrišević, a student of the fourth year of the Faculty of Medicine in Tuzla, who has been a second year scholarship holder of Fund ''Bošnjaci''. In the name of the scholarship holders she addressed the audience saying:

- The scholarship of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' is a great privilege and honor. It's not just a cash prize, but above all this is a great social recognition that means a lot. When you do something and especially if you're successful in it, it's nice to know that it was being followed, appreciated and certainly rewarded. This is a form of motivation necessary for each student and pupil, and I am very pleased that we have organizations of this type which are gathering students in this way in our country.

On this occasion, the award "Alija Izetbegović" was awarded to the most deserving one for contribution and affirmation of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', as well as promotion of a documentary film about the Fund, which hopefully will remain a permanent witness to the vision of Alija Izetbegović and about the importance of educating young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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