Donations to the students returnnees in RS

From all completed projects in supporting of education of Bosniaks the dearest to us are made ​​in schools with larger numbers of Bosniak children in the area of Srebrenica, Zvornik, Vlasenica, Visegrad and others. In these activities the material assistance often remained overshadowed by emotions of elation and joy of returnee children because there in Sarajevo is someone who thought about them. We couldn’t remove all their problems, but at least we brought some light to their everyday life, which accompanies them from the end of the war until today.

It all began in 2008 when in the field we were faced with the extremely harsh conditions in the schools which these children attend to. Many of these schools were operated with minimal teaching aids, and some lacked the basic supplies such as colored chalks, wall maps, geometric devices and so on. Until 2010 in various aspects of assistance such as furnishing of the regional elementary schools with teaching aids and equipment and providing of teaching aids for personal needs of students it is spent over 70,000.00 KM. Until now, this assistance included schools in the southeast, east and part of northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina starting from Nevesinje to Zvornik.

In the following period of time we plan to close this circle and help students returnees ending in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have left these schools under heavy impressions wondering how to improve the quality of education for these children because such a difficult situation requires action of the wider community. Therefore the Fund "Bosnjaci" sent a letter to the state, federal, cantonal and other relevant bodies and institutions related to the problems, needs and possibilities of providing of assistance to students returnees and schools where Bosniak children are in majority putting ourselves available for any kind of help for this most endangered population in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In accordance with the human, material and other capabilities, we have continued our activities. Among other activities help is reflected in providing wall maps of Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina, globes, school compasses, triangles, protractors, etc. For schools with larger numbers of students we have also donated copy-machines, and for teaching the lower grades we have provided crayons, glue, thick and collage paper, notebooks, kits of pencil cases and other.

Also, there have been successfully organized instructive lessons in primary schools in Potocari (Srebrenica municipality), Konjevic Polje (Bratunac municipality) and Križević (Zvornik municipality). This tuition in Mathematics, English and Bosnian language included over 90 students of final grades.

Help to students returnees and schools in 2008/09 school year

Starting the first grade of a primary school was always a reason for joy of children and parents. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of a child in which it takes the first obligation to yourself and begin the process of active learning and learning about the world. For parents there is no greater joy than satisfied and happy child who is becoming wiser and gamely steps through life. Just because of these reasons, their new beginning should be successful in order to ensure the continuation of education at a higher level through high school and faculty. But this is just a theory which, unfortunately, is not applicable for every area and for each child. Happiness of parents returnees about starting of education of their children in most cases becomes blurred by harsh everyday problems. Besides of unemployment and severe socio-economic situation, which is a problem throughout the state, they care for their children who walk even seven kilometers to their schools, very often in dangerous forest roads.

Allocation of teaching resources and equipment to the elementary school pupils returnees to Elementary School at Tjentište, Foča, in 2008.
The situation in schools is not better. They do not meet the minimum of pedagogic standards, and therefore, regardless of the involvement of teachers, these children do not have quality education and therefore there are no better results. This situation gives the impression that someone has done everything to prevent the normal life of these people and so stopped their return and survival on the pre-war homes. However, these children heroes do not look back at the difficulties and, like all other children in the world dream own dreams and fantasize about the nicer future.

With the help of Tuzla, Mostar and Gorazde Mufti office the Fund "Bosnjaci" collected basic data on the number and structure of the students returnees in a certain number of municipalities in the 2008/09 school year.

Allocation of one-time financial aid, teaching aids and equipment to pupils returnees in Vlasenica in 2010.
We have looked for this information in order to provide relief in education through the acquisition of the most needed educational resources and equipment for the needs of students and their schools, and award one-off financial relief. In order to get better insight in the situation on the ground, we visited schools in the municipalities of Foca, Visegrad, Rogatica, Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milici, and with their religion teacher and a certain number of teachers determined priorities and ways of help. At the beginning of the 2008/09 school year the Fund solved one of the problems of elementary school in Potocari. Namely, a quality education from a national group of subjects is impossible without adequate textbooks, which in these areas is impossible to obtain, and the parents are not able to purchase them in the Federation of BH. Fund "Bosnjaci" analyzed the situation and provided the textbooks from the Bosnian language, history and geography for 80 students of this school. In other schools the problem was a lack of basic resources for teaching. In the regional primary schools in Cerska, Tjentište, Potocari and Medjedja are donated teaching aids as follows: geometric wooden devices, wooden geometric bodies, wall maps of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe, alphabets, globes, etc. From the more valuable donations it has to be distinguished purchase of three computers, printers and computer desks for students in primary and high schools in Vlasenica.
Allocation of one-time financial aid to pupils returnees in Višegrad in 2009.
For most of these schools the Fund has provided the most important equipment for teaching of physical education. Noting the difficult situation in which some children returnees are and the fact that most of them are scantily dressed and live in extremely inadequate rooms, it was decided that some students and parents should be awarded with one-off financial aid. Relief is given to students in Medjedja, Visegrad, Cerska, Vlasenica, Rogatica, Zepa, Tjentiste, Cajnice, Berkovici, Bileca and Nevesinje.

The Fund did not stop with these activities, but they served as a guideline in following humanitarian projects. These children that we visited, attracted us with their generosity and sincerity, and so forever secured a place in our hearts, but also a place in future plans for education relief which the Fund "Bosnjaci" will implement.

  Overview of donated teaching aids and equipment in school/academic 2008/09 year.

Help students returnees and schools in academic 2009/10 year

In the academic 2009/10 The Fund has continued with projects to help students and schools in returnee settlements. Moral and human obligation to facilitate their lives and improve teaching process in schools which they attend is continued regardless of last year's activities. Sense of responsibility towards these children has risen even more because of the silence of the competent ministries on problems of returnees in the field of education. Apart from individual examples of noble people help, once again failed broader action of ministries of education, science, culture and sports. We knew that the Fund is maybe only hope in this school year.

Allocation of teaching aids and equipment to pupils returnees in elementary school in Skugrići, Milići, in 2010.
We visited schools in Skugric, Rasevo, Konjevic Polje, Pobudje, Glogova, Voljevica, Zutica, Suceska and Osat. Traces of the past war events were visible everywhere. Even bigger scars are on the hearts that can not be seen but felt. Modestly restored homes stand silently and dream about past times when people gathered in them, married, when echoed shouts of happy children and grandfather’s old song through them. They are remembering those Ramadans and Eid, when tables bent under the burden of meals prepared by blessed grandmother's hands. Others have yet been demolished to the ground in the last aggression, so now there are new walls on their foundations, with no memory, somehow cold and blunt. These new houses in many ways resemble their owners, whose lives have been destroyed, or completely extinguished, so now only acting this life after life. It is easier when the house has at least one child. Such houses are immediately noticed, but it is hard to watch your child how steps over the muddy path to the first school. A school is still a separate story. Is there anything sadder than schools with no children, and there is a very small number of them here. In the regional school in Skugrici in 2009/10 the school was attended by 9 students, in Rasevo 6 students, in Pobudje 10 students, etc. We should not even talk about the equipment in schools, because there is nothing to mention since in all these schools almost everything is lacking. The Fund helped again by purchasing of basic equipment  for teaching so we donated: geometric wooden devices, wooden geometric bodies, wall maps of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe, the alphabet, globes, and sports and other equipment.
Allocation of teaching aids and equipment to pupils returnees in elementary school in Raševo, Milići, in 2010.
Computer and IT equipment is a rarity in these schools, and it is closely associated with the teaching process in certain subjects. In order to ensure at least minimal conditions for classes of information technology there have been provided funds for procurement of equipment, and to some schools we have donated a copier-machine with toners. Often, in normal circumstances, the final year students in elementary schools attend instructive lessons from specific subjects in order to successfully do entrance exams and in that way ensure enrollment in desired school. For the returnees' schools in the region, this need is even more emphasized. Besides the poor equipment of schools, frequent personnel changes in the teaching structure make further damaging of the quality of teaching. It is a regular occurrence in these schools to change several teachers during the year in a particular subject or a teacher in lower grades.

Allocation of teaching aids and equipment to pupils returnees in elementary school in Žutica, Srebrenica, in 2010.
Every educator has his own approach to work and grading, and their constantly changing leads students in an unpleasant situation because they always have to adapt themselves to new teaching styles, which greatly affect their final success, but also the level of acquired knowledge. Most students continue their education in the Federation in which schools operate under different circumstances, and with different curricula, so in these difficult circumstances they adapt harder than other children.

These circumstances have motivated the Fund to initiate additional instructive classes for students of finishing grade of some of the returnee schools. Thus, in this academic year, we provided funds for organization of that kind of teaching in following subjects: mathematics, physics, Bosnian and English. Instructive lessons covered children in the regional primary schools in Konjevic Polje, Potocari and Krizevic.

  Overview of donated teaching aids and equipment in school/academic 2009/10 year.

Help for students returnees and schools in academic 2010/11 year

We were also with children returnees during school 2010/11 year. Having learned from past experience we knew the needs of our little friends. Scenario was repeated visiting places of returnees and schools in them. Sometimes it seemed that only the names of places have been changed since we have seen the same picture and felt the same sadness as in previous years.

Allocation of teaching aids and equipment to pupils returnees in elementary school in Križevići, Zvornik, in 2011.
With the new school year in schools with a majority of Bosniak children repeated old problems and it is primarily a lack of textbooks from the national group of subjects. This time we opted for the more serious action, so we have allocated funds for the 1753 textbooks from the national group of subjects and textbooks were assigned for 424 students from elementary schools in Zvornik, Bratunac, Srebrenica and Milici municipalities.

This year we visited regional primary schools in Križevići, Kamenica, Snagovo, Liplje, Petkovci, Kula Grad and Divič located in Zvornik municipality. We have equipped their schools with the most essential resources for teaching such as geometric wooden devices, wooden geometric bodies, wall maps of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe, the alphabet, globes, sports equipment, games, etc. Again restored hope and joy on the faces of children are just one of the pictures that fit into a mosaic of memories during the past years. What we noticed in these schools is the large number of "student pedestrians". These are kids who in the early decades of the XXI century walk five or six kilometers on the way to school in one direction. So it's no wonder that in the lists of necessary equipment submitted by schools we have found an application to provide a number of rubber boots for children who walk to school. This is the point where students and teachers of the First Bosniak Gymnasium in Sarajevo helped us and provided a certain number of boots for this group of students, and in addition they donated appropriate packages for 106 students of these schools. Twenty-five students of the First Bosniak Gymnasium in Sarajevo with their two professors have provided bus transportation and personally handed them their gifts.

Allocation of teaching aids and equipment to pupils returnees in elementary school in Divič, Zvornik, in 2011.
All-day gathering of students of the First Bosniak Gymnasium and students returnees and their teachers and parents was a special experience. After summing results during three years of work in projects for help children in returnee villages, we decided to write and send a letter and inform the relevant ministries at the cantonal, federal and state level about the current situation in the schools which we visited, and also inform them in which way and in which directions their help needs to go. The letter was sent on February 25th 2010 with the hope that it will have repercussions that will, at least for a moment, stimulate reflection, or an activity of those who are obliged to take care of our children. There was no response. The elections have gone and a new government has been constituted, so we will also report them about the situation in the returnee settlements and opportunities to help students.

Allocation of Textbooks from the national group of subjects to pupils returnees in elementary school in Križevići, Zvornik, in 2010.
Whatever answer from the relevant institutions in the field of education is, the Fund will not withdraw from activities to help students returnees. The Fund helps because its mission is not based on ground-level desires and worldly ambitions but on the supreme principle of humanity which is essentially stored in every Waqf.

That principle is reflected in servicing and helping the community to which we belong, and all to facilitate the life of the poor and powerless and thus justify the positive role of institutions of Waqf which is in our possession.

  Overview of donated teaching aids and equipment in school/academic 2010/11 year.


The Fund has continued with projects of help to pupils and schools in returnee areas also in 2011/12.

On the proposal of Chief Imam Muhammad ef Dragolovčnina and Arif Kovačević, President of MIZ Glamoč, we made a visit to elementary school ''Glamoč '' in municipality Glamoč. The aim of visit was to examine requirements for the most necessary teaching aids and equipment of school and returnees’ pupils to facilitate implementation and mastering of the curriculum.

Presentation of teaching aids and equipment to returnees’ pupils at the elementary school in Glamoč 2012th
After tour to the school, consideration of requirements and discussions with representatives of the school's personnel, with a certain number of parents and teachers, it is proposed that the Fund ''Bošnjaci'' provides textbooks from the Bosnian language and Religious instruction for 101 pupils as well as purchase of a project for the school needs.

At the end of September 2012, in the presence of parents, teachers and representatives of the Islamic community Glamoč, was carried out presentation ceremony of textbooks for pupils and one projector for the school.

After presentation of teaching aids and equipment the audience, on behalf of the Fund ''Bošnjaci'', was addressed by the Fund Director emphasizing basic goals and tasks and the need for help to returnees’ pupils who are to one of the most vulnerable population in our country.

  Overview of donated teaching aids and equipment in school/academic 2011/12 year


Allocation of teaching aids and equipment to returnees pupils in Jamaat Glinje and Srednja Trnova, municipality Ugljevik.
As previously, Fund ''Bošnjaci'' also this year continued with projects of help to returnees’ pupils in the smaller B&H entity.

On the basis of the Fund's planned activities in the 2013th year were provided and donated the most basic teaching aids and equipment for 30 participants of maktab teaching in returnee jamaats Glinje and Srednja Trnova, municipality Ugljevik.

On April 22, 3013, in presence of parents, muallims and representatives of MIZ Bijeljina, was carried out allocation of teaching aids and equipment for pupils of maktab classes who, on behalf of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' was handed by Kerla Šahin, Director of the Fund.

Primary school pupils in Potočari during instruction classes in mathematics
In order to achieve the best possible results and to facilitate registration in high school for 32 pupils of the eighth and ninth grade, in primary school in Potočari (municipality of Srebrenica) and Križević (Zvornik), in cooperation with teachers of these schools, during April-June of the 2013th, the Fund ''Bošnjaci'' successfully organized execution of instructions, for a period of 64 hours, in mathematics, physics and English.

Instructive class was performed according to a special curriculum that had a significant impact on the final success of pupils at the end of the school year and thus enabled to pupils easier enrollment in secondary school.

  Overview of donated teaching aids and equipment in school/academic 2012/13 year

Letter - Appeal for help to students returnees

Number: 44/10
Sarajevo, February 25th 2010
Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees
o/h Mr. Safet Halilović, minister
Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees
o/h Mr. Edin Mušić, minister
Federaln ministry of education
o/h Ms. Meliha Alić, minister

SUBJECT: Help students returnees and schools in the Republic of Srpska

Fund "Bosnjaci" was established in 2001 as a special waqf in order to assist in development and advancement of education, science, culture, financial and social security of Bosniaks. From establishing till now The Fund implemented a range of activities. (see

Among other, ans thanks to Mostar, Tuzla and Gorazde Mufti The Fund "Bosnjaci" collected data on the number and structure of the students returnees in a certain number of municipalities in the Republic of Srpska in school 2008/09 and 2009/10 year in order to assist in education through the acquisition of the most needed educational resources and equipment for the needs of students and their schools, and providing of one-off financial assistance.

After the data gathering representatives of the Fund "Bosnjaci" in cooperation with the IZ majlis, religious teachers, and a certain number of teachers visited some schools in the municipalities of Foca, Visegrad, Rogatica, Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milici in order to ensure themselves on the spot in difficulties of mastering of programming aims and tasks of this population. Through direct insight into the condition of schools and students as well as their equipment of educational facilities and equipment, and interviews with teaching personnel, students and their parents, we found the following:

  • that these schools are very poorly or not equipped with any teaching aids and equipment;
  • it is not uncommon that a teacher teaches in mixed classes from I to V classes and in that way realize up to five school programs at one time;
  • that students are in very difficult financial situation, scantily dressed, and they travel to school from 1 to 8 km in one direction;
  • the parents of students are not employed, and they live barely from farming and cattle breeding;
  • that only a small number of employed teaching personnel are Bosniaks although about 99% of the students of these schools are Bosniak nationality, with the exception of RPS Tjentiste, which we highlight as a very positive example;
  • that teaching personnel are often changed (e.g. in RPS Osat in one class section for 4 years of schooling there were 4 teachers changed).

Having in mind the abovementioned the Fund "Bosnjaci" in accordance with their financial, personnel and other capabilities in the academic 2008/09 and 2009/10 allocated funds for the purchase of the most needed educational resources and equipment, organized instructive lessons, and provided one-off financial aid to students, in a total amount of 45,310.07 KM excluding transportation costs, etc. (see table in the attachment).

Fund "Bosnjaci" plans in this year to continue with these activities and also set aside funds in the amount of 25,000.00 KM to help students and schools in other municipalities such as Zvornik, Bijeljina and other.

We think that our experience in these activities can serve to all bodies and organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, which deal with these and similar activities. On this occasion, we suggest that, in accordance with your personnel, material and other features help this most endangered population, primarily through:

  • purchase of teaching aids and equipment for the needs of students and schools;
  • purchase of books from the national group of subjects;
  • assistance in organizing of the instructive teaching;
  • scholarships for most endangered pupils;
  • providing of one-off financial assistance to students;
  • stimulation of teachers to work in these schools through scholarships, additional fees, solving of housing, etc.;
  • visiting of students from the Federation of BH with organization of appropriate programs and similar;
  • visiting students and schools in the Federation of BH;
  • twinning of schools in the Federation with a certain number of schools from Republic of Srpska;
  • calling for a number of final grade students of primary schools to go on excursions with students from the Federation of BH;
  • calling for participation of students in manifestations of primary schools in the Federation of BH (on the day of school, organization of school workshops, opened school door, etc.)
  • providing of easements for enrollment in secondary schools and universities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • funding of student transportation and more.

According to abovementioned, end in order to achieve greater and more comprehensive support to students returnees, in accordance with our capabilities, we are at your disposal.




  • Gorazde Cantonal Ministry of Education, o/h Minister
  • Tuzla Cantonal Ministry of Education, o/h Minister
  • Mostar Cantonal Ministry of Education, o/h Minister
  • Sarajevo Cantonal Ministry of Education, o/h Minister
  • Mufti office Mostar, o/h Mufti
  • Mufti office Gorazde, o/h Mufti
  • Mufti office Tuzla o/h Mufti

Šahin Kerla, director


Monday, 2015-05-25


For the third year Fund ''Bošnjaci'' awarded cash prizes and recognitions to the winners of the final maktab competition at the level of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. More info

Tuesday, 2010-10-12


At the beginning of the school 2010/11 the Fund "Bosnjaci" separated funds for purchasing of textbooks from a national group of subjects for students - returnees in smaller BH entity. More info

Monday, 2009-11-02


In accordance with its program goals and objectives the director and secretary of the Fund “Bošnjaci” visited nine local elementary schools in May and October of 2009. More info

Monday, 2009-03-02


In February 2009, the Fund “Bošnjaci” awarded donations of teaching aids, sports and computer equipment to students returning in Cer and Vlasenica (Municipality Vlasenica), Potočari (Srebrenica... More info

Thursday, 2008-11-20


On November 19, 2008, the Fund “Bošnjaci” donated books from the national group of subjects, the Bosnian language, History, Geography and others to 80 Potočari primary school students, municipality... More info

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