Planned Activities

  • In accordance with the Statute, the Regulation on granting scholarships and other normative-legal acts of the Fund, publish the Competition and implement the necessary procedures for awarding scholarships;
  • After the procedures and selection of candidates have been conducted, organizing of signing the Scholarship Agreement in a solemn manner;
  • In accordance with the Agreements on scholarships, implement continuous payment of scholarships;
  • Monitor the implementation of the obligations set forth in the Agreement on Cooperation with Bejtuzzekat from Kuwait;
  • On the basis of the Protocol on Cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey and the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Republic of Turkey, perform the payment of scholarships to 20 children of miners killed in Soma, the Republic of Turkey for which the financial resources are provided by Mr. Bakir Izetbegović through donors;
  • In accordance with the Cooperation Agreement, 60 students are to be accommodated in student dormitories Nedžarići and Bjelave for which the funds are provided by the Waqf Directorate from donors from Kuwait, as well as 20 students from the waqf of late Nurko Hadžić;
  • In accordance with the financial possibilities, provide support to the most successful scholars of the Fund when presenting scientific papers at the international level;
  • Continue cooperation with scholarship holders upon completion of education;
  • At special events organized, award money prizes and recognitions to students of the generation of the First Bosniak Gymnasium and Gazi Husrev-bey Madrasah in Sarajevo;
  • In cooperation with the Majlises of IC in BiH, collect data and visit a number of primary schools with the majority of Bosniak children in the smaller BiH entity;
  • In accordance with financial, personnel and other possibilities, provide the most appropriate teaching aid and equipment for the needs of a number of returnees’ pupils in smaller BiH entity, and organize performance of instructional classes for the students of the final grades;
  • Take part in projects organized by Cantonal, Federal and State bodies, NGOs, etc. to help returnees’ students and schools in the smaller BiH entity;
  • In accordance with the financial possibilities, take part in the organization of a number of cultural, religious and other manifestations of Bosniak returnees in the smaller BiH entity;
  • Apply to a number of projects of State, Federal, Cantonal and others authorities and organizations with a special accent to assist in the education of returnees’ students in the smaller BiH entity;
  • Continuously monitor the fulfillment of obligations under the Contract on the Term Deposit of the Funds of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' in Bosna Bank International d.d. Sarajevo;
  • In cooperation with the Islamic Community in BiH, the Waqf Directorate and other legal and physical entities intensify activities related to finding the most optimal solution for investing part of the Fund's financial resources in order to protect and preserve the actual (real) value of the basic Waqf and secure the profit for realization of planned activities;
  • If necessary, draw up a feasibility study for investing part of the Fund's financial resources in order to protect and preserve the actual (real) value of the basic waqf;
  • Undertake the necessary measures, actions and procedures related to the additional endowments of financial resources, by provision of donations and sponsorships;
  • In order to increase the number of scholarships for the first, second and third cycle of studies, a project entitled "Assistance in Education through scholarships for specially gifted and socially vulnerable students in Bosnia and Herzegovina" will be made and submitted to the same number of legal entities at national level and abroad;
  • Make a project for advertisement and promotional services and submit it to BH Telecom d.d. Sarajevo;
  • In cooperation with the Association "Young Muslims" and the Museum "Alija Izetbegović", in a number of major cities in BiH and the region, organize a Student Conference on Alija Izetbegović entitled "Bosnia Above All";
  • For the purpose of further education, mutual acquaintance, socializing, exchange of ideas and experiences, developing mutual solidarity and friendship, and getting acquainted with the mission of Fund ''Bošnjaci'', organize several-day educational gatherings of former and current scholarship holders of the Fund;
  • Through the organization of several days of socializing, organize for scholarship holders to visit a number of the most important cultural and historical sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Organize educational seminars for scholarship holders of the Fund;
  • In cooperation with the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Riyasat of IC in BiH at specially organized ceremonies, award money prizes and recognitions to new hafizes;
  • In order to stimulate and achieve the best results of the Maktab teaching lessons and Islamic religious education in primary and secondary schools, award money and recognitions to winners of final competitions organized by Riyasat of IC in BiH;
  • Choose a topic and call for a competition for the best literary work;
  • Through the presentation of the project and the presentation of Fund "Bošnjaci", take part in the international investment conference "Sarajevo Business Forum" organized by Bosna Bank International d.d. Sarajevo;
  • In accordance with financial and other possibilities, take part in a number of projects that promote the education, science, spiritual and traditional values of Bosniacs in the country and abroad;
  • Regularly monitor, update and maintain the website of Fund ''Bošnjaci'' in Bosnian and English;
  • Intensify cooperation with the media in order to better represent and affirm Fund ''Bošnjaci'' as a special money Waqf;
  • In cooperation with a number of media, promote and display a documentary movie about Fund ''Bošnjaci'';
  • Continuously work on the affirmation of Fund "Bošnjaci" through the production of advertising material such as: DVDs with documentary movies about the Fund, promotional flyers in Bosnian, Arabic, English and Turkish, calendars, pens, etc.;
  • Establish cooperation with Bosniak associations in diaspora and other Waqfs and similar foundations;
  • Prepare, organize and implement other activities from the scope of work of the Fund in accordance with the Statute, the Vakufnama, the Decisions and the conclusions of the Managing Board of Fund "Bošnjaci".


Friday, 2020-07-03


This year, due to difficult conditions caused by the Corona virus pandemic, a graduation ceremony on the occasion of the farewell of the 22nd generation of graduates of the First Bosniak Gymnasium... More info

Tuesday, 2020-06-23


On June 23, 2020, as part of the ''Maturalni dan'' (Engl. "Graduation Day") event organized by the Directorate for Science and Education of the Riyaset of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and... More info

Thursday, 2020-05-14


On May 13, 2020, in the premises of "ALIJA IZETBEGOVIĆ" Foundation, a meeting was held between Director of Fund "Bošnjaci", Šahin Kerla and the Acting Secretary General of the Foundation, Muhamed... More info