Every road which does not lead to goodness is obliquity. Fund "Bošnjaci" (Bosniaks) started over the road of goodness back in 1997 when it was founded within the Party of Democratic Action of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to restore, as a result of war suffering, lost human resources at least partially, and help young and talented in education and thereby increase the interest to stay and work in our country, it provided scholarship for a large number of gifted pupils and students from the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2001 the Fund "Bošnjaci" operates as an independent Waqif within Waqf Directorate Sarajevo, presenting contemporary way of waqfing, whose main goals and tasks are specified by waqfnama and other normative-legal acts.

Signing of the Contract on scholarship at the amphitheater of Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasa in Sarajevo in 2005.
From the very beginning of its operation Fund "Bošnjaci" has set scholarships as a priority, as the best form of help pupils and students in their education. Therefore, in the period since 2001 until 2006 the scholarships received 165 pupils and students for which significant funds were provided. This type of assistance, besides it made easier life of scholarships, was the impetus for achieving the best results during their schooling. Scholarship is the best, but not the only way to help young people in education. On several occasions, the Fund "Bošnjaci" was recognizing specific scientific research projects as strategic and provided financial support to them.

Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasah in Sarajevo
Among other things, Waqfnama commits us to specific financial support and assistance to Gazi Husrev-Bey's madrasah and the First Bosniak Gymnasium in Sarajevo. In the wake of the Waqif wish in 2002 was granted a portion of the funds for the renovation and reconstruction of these schools.

In 2003 for the first time they approved the funds for prizes and awards to new Qur'an hafizes, which later became a traditional activity of the Fund. In the first years of independent operation the Fund has contributed to the restoration of religious and other important facilities, destroyed during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina on the territory of RS.

Ferhat-Pasha Mosque in Banja Luka

In this way, the Fund has stimulated return of Bosniaks to their eternal homes, because the mosque is a symbol and soul of every bazaar, and when the soul is returned to the bazaar it is a signal that there is room for Bosniaks and hope for a new beginning.For projects of mosques reconstruction it is particularly important 2002 year in which the Fund participated in donating of funds for reconstruction of Banja-Luka’s Ferhadija, the mosque in Stolac, the mosques in Srebrenica, Gorazde, Mostar, etc.

In 2003 was financially supported construction of the memorial center and cemetery in Potocari, and renovation of Atik mosque in Bijeljina and Musluk mosque in Foca, while in 2004 was provided part of the funds for assistance in construction of a mosque in Bosanski Novi.

Memorial Center in Potočari
Extremely difficult social status of Bosniaks is the result of the past aggression, genocide, urbicide, culturecide and everything else that this nation passed in the period from 1992 to 1995. Destroyed and looted private and social assets, dissolution or disappearance of entire families, and inability to return and ensure basic means of living are just some of the problems which a large number of our countrymen regularly encounter. Despite all the problems that Bosniaks have confronted during and after the aggression there also appeared a problem of prosecuting of a certain number of prominent members of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina which has set a new blow to Bosniaks - victims of the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to mitigate the heavy material and financial situation the Fund "Bošnjaci" allocated part of the funding for their families.

By The Great God we swear that we will not be slaves
The work of the Fund "Bošnjaci" is extremely transparent so we can proudly go public with the realized activities and implemented projects.
During 2005 is realized extremely good cooperation with the Islamic information newspaper "Preporod", which has done much to affirm the role and objectives of our fund.

In order to prevent repetition of history, it is necessary to work on rising of cultural and national awareness of youth since they will be future intellectual power which will lead Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bosniaks. Bosniak intellectuals must be aware of the circumstances in which their people live so they’d know how to make correct decisions in the future. These were the main motives that have inspired us to organize a visit to the Memorial Centre in Potocari for a group of our students in 2006, to a place that preserves the memory of the greatest crime in Europe since the Second World War, and it's genocide against Bosniaks in the "protected area" of the UN in Srebrenica.

Srebrenica survivors have reminded our scholarships that the oblivion syndrome for a long time has been a distinctive line of collective character and mentality of Bosniaks, and for such irresponsibility we have paid too high price.

Signing of the Contract on a scholarship at the premises of the Waqf Direction in Sarajevo in 2007.

Scholarships for talented pupils and students was the primary task of the Fund "Bošnjaci" in 2007 year in which the scholarship received 73 pupils and students, of which 49 scholarship funds provided "Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait.

The practice of rewarding of new Qur'an hafizes has continued into this year. Desiring to further promote the talented pupils and students the Fund "Bošnjaci" for the first time in 2007 announced a competition for literary work. The right to participate in the competition had high school students and students from both Bosnia and Herzegovina and diaspora, on the topic Why stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The competition was successfully completed and officially presented awards and prizes. For the first place prize was KM 900.00, 600.00 for second place and third KM 300.00.

Representatives of “Bejtuzzekata” from Kuwait during the visit of the Fund „Bošnjaci“ in 2007.
During 2008 The Fund has implemented a range of activities and projects, and expanded the scope of its assistance to the population of children of returnees. The trend of increasing of scholars number is for continued so in 2008 their number reached 110, of which funds for the 51st scholar provided "Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait.
For the second time was announced and implemented a successful competition for literary work, this time on the topic Where are you going to my people. Three best works were awarded with awards and cash prizes in the amounts determined in 2007. This year special attention was dedicated to promotion of the Fund and its work. Through Radio of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina "BIR", Islamic information newspaper "Preporod" and other mass media, the public is informed about the implementation, aims, objectives, significance and achievements of the Fund.

Awarding of prize and award to Jasmina Ćorović the winner of literary contest in 2008.
There’s been signed a cooperation agreement with the Religious-educational service of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the basis for future cooperation. In the wake of this agreement awards for passed hifz were granted.

Besides all the activities carried out in 2008, special attention was given to the visit and the delivery of assistance to students returners. It is clear that the Bosniaks are second-class citizens on the territory, which includes the RS. Children of returnees are particularly vulnerable, which due to severe socio-economic situation of families but also due to the neglect of the competent authorities, are being denied a quality education. The devastating fact is that there in schools with a majority of Bosniak children is lack of basic educational tools for work and implementation of regular teaching activities. Fund "Bošnjaci" in cooperation with the organizational units of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, teaching personnel and parents of students collected data about the number of schools and students structure in order to facilitate in the best possible way education of one of the most vulnerable category of population in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to visits to primary schools in Cerska, Tjentište and Međeđa because of discovering of needs and capabilities to help students returnees, there has been implemented another specific project. We managed to secure books from a national group of subjects which we in the presence of teachers and parents, in a solemn way, handed to students of elementary school in Potocari, Srebrenica municipality.

In 2009 there was a further increase in the number of scholarships, as well as increased activities in providing of basic tools for teaching in a certain number of schools in these and other municipalities. This year, scholarships received 131 pupils and students, and for 50 of them funds provided "Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait.

The ceremony of awarding of award and recognition to winners of the literary contest in 2009.
Literary contest was organized for the third time and the topic was Between hope and fear. Among many submitted papers the best four were selected, and their authors were awarded with appropriate awards and cash prizes.

A large number of cultural and historical monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina testify about its millennium of existence and turbulent past.
Having in mind that one nation is respected by its attitude toward own culture, religion and tradition The Fund “Bošnjaci” has organized scholar visiting at the Memorial Center in Potocari, shaheeds’ cemetery and the Old Bridge in Mostar, the ancient towns Stolac and Počitelj and well known tekke at the Buna source.
During visiting of these places our hosts were organized apropriate lectures.

Delivery of the Letter of thanks to the Director of the Fund „Bošnjaci“ for support in work of Radio „BIR“ the radio of IC in B&H.
This year The Fund has realized cooperation with the Radio of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina "BIR" through sponsorship of programs Man and time and Inspired thoughts and about our activities have reported Islamic informative newspaper "Preporod", RTV RTVS Vogošća. We have consolidated and improved relations with the Fund "Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait, whose representatives are familiar with the role and work of the Fund “Bošnjaci“, and particularly they were informed about the criteria and method of awarding of scholarships for which this Fund provides the funds.

Upon review of the basic needs of returnee children fund “Bošnjaci” awarded in 2009 a one-off financial aids, teaching materials, sports and computer equipment to a certain number of students and schools in the municipality of Visegrad, Foca, Cajnice, Zepa, Rogatica, Berkovici, Bileca, Nevesinje, Vlasenica, Milici, Bratunac and Srebrenica. There were successfully organized instructive lessons for the students of final grade in a branch school in Potocari from subjects Computer Science, Mathematics and English, which facilitated their entry into secondary school and acquiring of new knowledge in these areas.

The Fund also sponsored a "Peace march" Nezuci - Potocari providing 300 T-shirts for participants with an appropriate photograph and inscription.

Awarding of prizes and awards to winners of literary competition in 2010.
The best results up to date Fund “Bošnjaci” achieved in 2010. By a Decision of the Management Board in school/academic year 2010/11 scholarships were granted to 158 pupils and students, of which the Fund “Bošnjaci” provided 108 (21 pupils and 87 students) and for 50 students from funds provided by “Bejtuzzekat" from Kuwait.

The competition for the literary work has already become a traditional activity of the Fund. Topics of contest in 2010 were: Everything mine is in Bosnia and Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, andfour best works were awarded.

In 2010 some teaching resources and equipment were assigned to students returning to school in Konjevic Polje, Glogova, Voljevica and Potocari. In the period from February to June, the regional primary schools in Potocari (Srebrenica municipality) and Konjevic Polje (Bratunac Municipality) has successfully organized instructive courses of 144 hours in Mathematics, English and Bosnian language, which was attended by over 90 students of final grades

Allocation of Textbooks from the national group of subjects to the students returnees to the municipality of Zvornik in 2010.
At the beginning of the school 2010/11 year there were provided and distributed 1753 textbooks from the national group of subjects for 424 students from first to ninth grade in the municipalities Bratunac and Zvornik, as well as the most essential teaching aids and equipment for students and schools in Snagovo, Kula Grad, Divič, Liplje Kamenica Križević and Konjevic Polje.

Fund “Bošnjaci” in 2010 participated in co-financing of a certain number of seminars and conferences which talked about current issues in the field of religion, education and science.

Participants in the seminar of “The affirmation and importance of Waqf as a durable good” Sarajevo, in 2010.
We particularly distinguish participation in organization of a seminar for a region of eight of muftiluks with the subject Affirmation and importance of Waqf as durable goods. Organizer of this project was Vaqf Directorate Sarajevo, and the Fund “Bošnjaci” was a financial sponsor. Since the Fund is the best example of a functional, useful and sustainable Waqf, director of the Fund as part of the seminar gave a lecture on the topic The Fund “Bošnjaci” as the modern way of endowment. The Fund participated in the financial support of the conference entitled The Future of religion in the era of globalization, organized by the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Sarajevo

From one of the promotion of the new learners of the Quran held in 2008, in Žepče.
Continuation of specialization and further education of our scholars was also one of the tasks of the Fund “Bošnjaci” this year. It has been successfully implemented through the organization of two seminars in Sarajevo and Tuzla on the theme: Writing business resumes, business correspondence and job interview and Theories and techniques of motivation in modern organizations. Seminars were organized in cooperation with the Center for personal and professional development in Sarajevo for 56 scholarships of the fund “Bošnjaci”. Also in 2010 the Fund has contributed to the anniversary of genocide against the Bosniaks of Srebrenica through the sponsorship of Peace march Nezuci - Potocari.

Fund “Bošnjaci” took part in co-financing of an event Promotion of new Quran reciters, organized by the Islamic community Zepce.

Members of the Administrative Board, Director of Fund „Bošnjaci“ and Director of the Waqf Direction Sarajevo.
A portion of funds was extracted to help disadvantaged and sick persons, and granted one-off financial assistance to families evacuated due to natural disasters caused by catastrophic landslides in the area of ​​the hamlet Suljaković municipality Maglaj.

Ovo je bio kratak presjek realiziranih aktivnosti Fonda “Bošnjaci” u prvoj deceniji njegovog samostalnog rada i djelovanja.

This is a brief sketch of the implemented activities of the Fund “Bošnjaci” in the first decade of its independent work and action. In this period the Fund has provided scholarships to 637 students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and helped students returnees by providing teaching aids and equipment to students and schools, funded different projects, seminars and conferences of great importance, rewarded the talented students, new Quran hafizes etc. Although this is not the primary task of the Fund, in several occasions we have provided the funds for treatment of seriously ill, elderly and disabled persons.

Members of the Supervisory Board of Fund „Bošnjaci“
During these years Fund “Bošnjaci” worked on the implementation of jobs and working tasks set by waqfnama, the Law and other regulations, thus confirming the possibility of a successful operation and functioning of modern waqf whose successes are credited with the founder, the competent authorities and the management of the Fund.


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