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One of the greatest blessings which the Almighty Lord honored the human race is the sympathy and assistance among people for the sake of His love. The best evidence about the size of a nation and an individual are deeds left behind. These deeds must be accompanied by a sincere intention to gain God's love and will be a salvation for those who do them, while for others that will serve as an example for tracing.

When, during the whirlwind of aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia collected 5,000,000.00 KM and gave them to the first president of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the late Alija Izetbegovic, as a gift to Bosniaks, they probably did not know that the fruits of that charity enjoy hundreds of Bosniak boys and girls. Maybe even today, these benefactors do not know that their money is used for building a better and prosperous society in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the funding of education of young and talented pupils and students. They believed the late President and with a sincere intention to help their brothers and sisters in Europe gave him the help and honest intention lies at the basis of all good. The late Alija Izetbegovic was aware of the responsibility which he has taken upon himself, so he sought the best solution for the investment of this money which will be used throughout the nation. Knowing that the best for a nation is to educate its young generations, he decided to establish the Fund which will be tasked to assist the activities of education, science, culture, economic, financial and social security of Bosniaks. Such a fund called "Bošnjaci" was established in 1997 as part of the Democratic Action Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In less than four years it carried out a series of projects in education, science and culture. In order to improve the operation of the Fund and set him free from any political or other connotation the late Alija Izetbegovic on April 16th 2001 (Muharram AH 22nd 1422) endowed existing property noting that revenues from this Waqf will be used for the purpose of education, science and culture, particularly material support of Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasa and the First Bosniak Gymnasium in Sarajevo. By this act the Waqif, for the purpose of doing good deeds permanently transferred endowed property into the ownership of the Fund "Bošnjaci". According to Izetbegović’s will, at the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo was carried out re-registration of Fund which ownership rights took over the fund Vaqf Directorate Sarajevo. Taking over the founding rights, Vaqf Directorate has committed changes and amendments to the Statutes and Decisions on the Establishment and other normative-legal acts regulating the Fund's work and functioning in new conditions. These activities have marked the beginning of a new independent work of the Fund and a new page in its further development which is the subject of this publication.

For efficacy serving of Waqf to its purpose it is necessary to follow the expressed will of the Waqif in the Waqfnama. Fund "Bošnjaci" works that for ten years and each year achieves better results than the previous one. Fund "Bošnjaci" measures its success by the number of allocated scholarships and other forms of assistance. The Fund’s motto is to give more to achieve greater success. Taro is scholarship for talented pupils and students and it is one of the strategic activities of the Fund, which mainly characterized our work over the years. The number of 787 scholars, and awarded 8370 scholarships speaks enough about the commitment of the Fund for financing and encouraging of education of Bosniaks. A special joy is to see our scholars as qualified engineers, doctors, lawyers, imams, etc., who work and contribute to our safer and more beautiful life.

Fund "Bošnjaci" intents, among other, to assist the youth guardians of our holy book, Quran Hafizes, through scholarships and granting of awards and recognitions during taking of hifz.

Cooperation with the scholarship does not end with the signing of the Contract about awarding of scholarships. It lasts throughout their schooling by organizing visits to historical and cultural sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organizing appropriate seminars, lectures, etc. This cooperation continues after the completion of their schooling.

Return of displaced Bosniaks in the pre-war homes is a difficult and long-lasting process. It requires involvement of the wider community, which until now has not done enough. From the beginning the Fund was involved in stimulation of returning of Bosniaks to their prewar homes through realization of certain projects and activities in the field. The Fund has assisted in the construction and reconstruction of a large number of destroyed religious objects, and special attention is paid to children returning and equipping of their schools with necessary teaching aids and equipment, textbooks from the national group of subjects, organization of instructive classes, etc.

Although the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina ended with the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, the idea of its division and disappearance is still ongoing and its promoters are working on its implementation using only the other methods and means. Bosnia survived; Bosnia was here and will be in future. The first president is not among us. Much has been changed up to today, but one story remains. It is a story about human kindness and generosity, which lasts from the beginning of the World until today. Only the characters are changed from time to time, and the goal remains the same: To be useful to others for God's pleasure. In this eternal story one of participants is Fund "Bosnjaci", which has emerged as a blend of generosity and wisdom originated in a single faith, that delight all of us.


Thursday, 2018-11-29


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