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Tuesday, 2013-01-15

The Last Salaam

The Last Salaam to the Secretary General of the Riaset of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and President of the Supervisory Board of Fund „Bošnjaci” Sarajevo Muhammad ef Salkić... More info

15 years of Alija Izetbegović's Waqf

A collection of the best works of our students and pupils, selected as the winning during nine years of the open competition for the best literary work is a testimony of sumptuous talent and love of young people to the homeland, people and country.More info


This publication is a testimony to you that talks about the realization of goals and objectives of the Fund „Bošnjaci“ about its transparency in work and perseverance in promoting of science, culture, knowledge and encouragement to good, as a pledge of better and safer life in the future.More info



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Fund "Bošnjaci" Sarajevo is fund for activities of education, science, culture, economic, financial and socail security of Bosniaks

Address : Džemala Bijedića 17/P, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
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"O my Lord"

O my Lord!
Do not let me fool success
Or failure takes into despair.
Remind me constantly,
That the failure of temptation,
Prior success.

O my Lord!
Teach me that TOLERANCE,
Is the highest degree of power
A desire for revenge
The first sign of weakness

O my Lord!
If you take my property
Leave me hope,
If you give me success,
Give me the will,
To overcome defeat
If you take my benefits of health,
Give me the grace of FAITH.

O my Lord!
When I offend the people,
Give me the power of apology,
And when the people offend me,
Give me the power of forgiveness.

O my Lord!
If I forget thee,
Do not you forget about me.


Say, "Are those who know equal to those who do not know?" [Qur’an]

Seeking Knowledge is the first instance duty of every Muslim. [Hadith]

When a man dies, his acts come to an end, except in three cases: an ongoing charity, a righteous child who prays for him, and knowledge from which people continue to benefit. [Hadith]

The knowledge is your lost thing, wherever you find it, take it. [Hadith]